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Phantom Roll Dice

Every job has an associated dice which will teach a Roll ability which can be used with Phantom Roll. Each of these dice rolls grants an effect to every party member, regardless of whether or not a member of that job is present. However, the effect of these rolls is stronger for everyone if at least one person of that job (as their main job) is present in the party.

These die are available from merchants in Al Zahbi (Chayaya, J-8) and Nashmaru (Jajaroon, G-7).

Dice Details
Level Roll Name Dice Name Effect
5 Corsair's Roll Corsair Die Increases experience points gained.
8 Ninja Roll Ninja Die Increases evasion.
11 Hunter's Roll Ranger Die Increases accuracy and ranged accuracy.
14 Chaos Roll Dark Knight Die Enhances attack.
17 Magnus's Roll Blue Mage Die Enhances magic defense.
20 Healer's Roll Healer Die Increases amount of MP recovered while healing.
23 Puppet Roll Puppetmaster Die Enhances pet accuracy.
26 Choral Roll Bard Die Decreases spell interruption rate
31 Monk's Roll Monk Die Enhances "Subtle Blow".
34 Beast Roll Beastmaster Die Enhances pet attacks.
37 Samurai Roll Samurai Die Enhances "Store TP".
40 Summoner Roll Summoner Die Gradually restores MP.
43 Rouge's Roll Thief Die Raises critical hit rate.
46 Warlock's Roll White Mage Die Increases magic accuracy
49 Fighter's Roll Warrior Die Raises "Double Attack" rate.
52 Drachen Roll Dragoon Die Enhances pet magic attack and magic accuracy.
55 Gallant's Roll Paladin Die Grants a damage reflection effect.
58 Wizard's Roll Black Mage Die Enhances magic attack.
61 Dancer's Roll Dancer Die Grants Regen status.
64 Scholar's Roll Scholar Die Enhances Conserve MP effect.

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